Why get Health Insurance?

Get peace of mind knowing that in the event of accident or sickness your hospital expenses are covered. Yes the NHS is free but they are renowned for long waiting lists, questionable cleanliness and loss of the best doctors to the private sector.

By taking out Private Medical Insurance you have access to the fastest, cleanest and best hospitals in the the country.

What is Private Medical Insurance?

Private Medical Insurance is designed to cover costs of in-patient medical care. The insurance policy is paid monthly to the health plan provider, this insures against large lump sum medical bills should an accident or illness occur. The health insurance provider covers all medical costs (subject to plan taken).

What will it cost?

The cost of private health insurance varies widely depending on the type of policy taken and the personal circumstances of the individual.Variables include age, exercise, smoking habits and type of employment. Some plans start as low as £5.

By completing our online form we can give an accurate tailor made quote for a plan that suits your individual needs.

Why choose Free Health Quotes Now?

  • Compare the market with one form.
  • Free impartial quotes.
  • Competitive quotes cannot be beaten.
  • We consider all pre existing medical conditions.
  • No obligation to accept any quote we offer.

5 benefits of Private Health Insurance…

  • Choice of where you are treated: Select the private hospital you wish to be treated in – whichever is most convenient for you.
  • Faster access to specialists: Instead of a frustrating wait for an NHS specialist, you’ll get access to a private consultant promptly (terms may apply).
  • Prompt treatment: With a private healthcare provider, you can access prompt treatment without worrying about paying out a big lump sum. Medical expertise and technology is advancing all the time – but so are the costs. Even minor operations and procedures could cost you several thousands of pounds. By taking out cover with a private healthcare provider, you can avoid unexpected costs at a time when you need them least.
  • High standards of accommodation: Private healthcare providers live and die by the standard of care and accommodation patients receive when they are in a private facility. Private hospitals adhere to strict standards of cleanliness and in the majority of cases, patients also benefit from individual rooms.
  • Access to drugs: If your specialist recommends a specific licensed drug as part of your treatment, then through private healthcare you will have access to this is not always the case with the NHS.